Architectural Styles
A Guide to Brutalism and Brutalist Architecture
Brutalist Architecture was a practical architectural style that emerged from the modernist movements of the 1940s. Often characterized by its use of cheap building materials, such as concrete and brick, the Brutalist period would produce some of the most famous architecture around the world.
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Architectural Standards
Architectural Paper Sizes
Architects encounter paper sizes in practice, while presenting to clients, submitting documents to government agencies, and producing construction documentation. There are three main paper standards that you should be familiar with: ANSI, ARCH series, and ISO 216 A series.
Architectural Phases
Guide to Site Analysis
Site analysis in architecture is part of the programming / pre-design stage and is composed of three phases: research, analysis, and synthesis.
Architectural Standards
CAD Scale Factor
Scaling drawings is a critical step in producing presentable documents for clients, builders, and our peers; despite being a small task, scaling drawings can take on a disproportionate amount of mental legwork for many designers.
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