Introducing Monograph: A better way to run an architecture firm

We’re excited to announce that we recently secured a $1.9 million round to continue to power the future of architectural professional services.

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Designing and delivering a building is a complex process with several moving parts that involve the interests and needs of the various stakeholders at play. On any given project, a network of architects, specialized consultants, and contractors coordinate their work in silos with handoffs brokered through a complex web of FTP sites, email platforms, and the occasional updated Excel spreadsheet. Architects, throughout this process, manage risk, information, and communication.

From risk research and mitigation to the development of design strategy and intent, and the production of drawings, architecture firms coordinate large portions of the communication chain that leads to a productive project for their clients, and their own operational and financial health.

However, up until now, architecture projects have been managed in tools that create siloes between functional teams within firms leading to unnecessary overhead and loss in potential productivity. For smaller firms, this means partners are trying to tie together various tools in order to understand the financial health of their projects and their impact on their business. For larger firms, this problem is further complicated. Cost management, resource management, and project management are treated as separate activities. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why Monograph is offering a new, easier way to manage projects, collaboration, and the financial health of the teams that design and build the world around us. We started Monograph informed by our experiences working in building design, from skyscrapers to pre-fab homes all over the world. Through our own challenges, we saw a clear need for a cross-functional solution that was intentionally designed to be simple, with great customer support, and tailored to the specific needs of the industry. 

Our customers have experienced firsthand the difference between how they used to work, before Monograph, and how they can more efficiently operate their businesses now that they are immersed in the software. Collectively, our clients are managing over $125 million in projects of all scales. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a new way of managing your firm, sign up here and use Monograph to take control over your firm’s future.

We’re also excited to announce that we recently secured a $1.9 million round to continue to power the future of architectural professional services. The investment was co-led by Homebrew and Parade Ventures with participation from Designer Fund, Hustle VC, and several angel investors. We appreciate our wonderful partners and their recognition and support of Monograph’s growth and innovation in a market that has been waiting for modern solutions. The funds raised will be used to hire talented engineers, customer support managers, and sales leaders who want to build a product that will change people’s work lives. Check out our job listings to learn more and to apply.

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