Free Architect Timesheet Template

Looking for a free architect timesheet template? This free template is customizable and simple to use.
George Valdes

Download your Free Timesheet Template for Architects

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Looking for a free architect timesheet template? One that can be used as you venture into creating your first architecture firm? Or do you just need a simple time tracker to log hours for a new project?

Through our research to make Monograph the best timesheet software for architects, we’ve looked at time tracker spreadsheets in all shapes and formats. Ultimately, we have come up with a printable and free time tracker template which you can download below.

Download Your Free Architect Timesheet Template Now

This architect timesheet template will give you everything you need to keep on target and not lose any billable hours.

Google Sheet Timesheet Template

Download your free architect timesheet template in Google Sheet here.

Free Architect Timesheet Template
Free Architect Timesheet Template

The Best Time Tracking Software for Architects

When you’re just starting out, a quick downloadable architect timesheet template will work in a pinch. But over time, having loose files that are prone to human error won’t work. 

You’ll end up frustrated searching through clutter rather than focusing on billing clients for actual work done. Worst yet, as your firm or project grows these problems become exponential.

This is exactly why we created Monograph -- the best time tracking software for architects. 

By centralizing time tracking on a single platform, project managers at a firm can view reports across team members, and filter according to a specific date range, client, project, or project phase, in order to visualize how hours and dollars are being spent throughout their firm.

It’s just as simple and intuitive to us as our free architect timesheet template, only far more powerful. That’s exactly why Monograph is used by Workshop /APD, Trahan Architects, and JEMA.

Why Should Architects Use Time Tracking Software?

Tracking free architect timesheet templates can be a real headache!

In architecture firms, time tracking can not only be simplified through a time tracking software, but it can also allow the firm to optimize its operations in the long run.

Instead of working through hundreds or thousands of architect timesheet templates, time tracking software can easily record where a firm’s hours and dollars are being spent, across all clients, projects, phases, and assigned team members.

How To Use Your New Time Tracking Template

If you’re at the very start of building out your firm and do not have the resources to adopt a time tracking software just yet, we’ve come up with a simple architect timesheet template

You can distribute the free timesheets for architects to your team in order to track where their time is going. 

It will be useful if you can receive a weekly update - for example, on Monday at 12 PM - with the previous week’s hours, so that you can start to build out the plan for the current and coming weeks. 

The daily timesheet template can be adapted to the corresponding date range, but we recommend that you create copies of the sheet to avoid writing over past content, and to keep a record of all of your work hours.

1. Input all identifying data for your project such as name, start date and who to submit the timesheet to.

New Time Tracking Template
Input your project data on the Time Tracking Template

2. Input the specific workday information into the timesheet including date, client, project name, phase name, description of work.

architect timesheet template information
Input your workday information in your Free Architect Timesheet Template

3. Input the billing rate for each project.

free architect timesheet template billing-rate
Input billing rate on the time tracking template

4. Input the start/end time for the day. The hours will be automatically subtotaled based on the start/end time and multiplied by the rate input at the beginning of the process.

time tracking spreadsheet
Input start/end time on your time tracking spreadsheet

How Does Monograph Make Time Tracking Easy?

Ready to go beyond spreadsheets in your architecture firm? After tons of research on making your time tracking process easier, we have built in tools inside Monograph that will transform the way you work.

Easy Built-in Timer to Track your Time

Inside Monograph, you can track your time for different project and it'll directly enter time into your timesheet. Learn how to use the built-in timer to make tracking time a breeze inside our support center.

Time Tracking Software Start Timer
Easy Built-in Timer to Track your Time in Monograph

See All Your Time Tracking in One Place

To understand your project's progress, budget, and stay on track it's really important to track the time you've spent working on specific tasks, phases, or activities. Inside Monograph, you can add time easily for each project

Learn more about how to use the Monograph timesheet user interface inside our support center.

monograph time tracker
Monograph Time Tracker

There you have it. If you're ready to move beyond spreadsheets, sign up for a free trial of Monograph today!


George Valdes is the Head of Growth at Monograph. He deeply enjoys solving complex problems in the built environment and in the AEC industry and is interested in helping architecture firms take control of their marketing. George earned his Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture at Florida International University and his Master's of Architecture from Columbia University.

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