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New Year, New Look
We're making room for a new outlook this year.
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Best Practice Interviews
How To Run An Operationally Efficient Organization
H+O Structural Engineering Co-Founder and Principal Rens F. Hayes IV joined us for a conversation about creating opportunities within a design organization.
2020 Architecture Industry Statistics and Trends
The architecture industry is evolving, albeit faster in some areas than others. Our annual analysis on the state of the industry includes tips on how to face challenges strategically and areas of opportunity for next year.
Introducing Resource: Your new Monday morning dashboard for team alignment
Today we’re launching a brand new way to manage your most valuable resource: your team and time.
Practice Operations
Skills Needed To Start An Architecture Firm 
Beyond design talent there are many necessary skills required for you to run a successful architecture firm. It is important for firm owners to be well versed in a range of skills and constantly work to improve upon the areas they may lack in experience. 
Practice Operations
Best Project Management Software for Architects
As a busy architect, you might be trying to figure out the best way to get and stay organized with all of those project management tasks. The answer is project management software for architects.
Marketing Strategies for Architects
Marketing for architects is increasing your potential client’s awareness of your firm and encouraging them to take the next step. Each step leads them to the ultimate goal of hiring you.
Practice Operations
Free Architect Timesheet Template
Looking for a free architect timesheet template? This free template is customizable and simple to use.
Guide to Marketing During a Recession
Recessions are scary for everyone – no doubt about it. This time could leave you and your employees wondering or even doubting how and if you will get through. Following our guide to marketing during a recession will help you not only get through lean times but come out better positioned to take advantage of the recovery.
Introducing Project Planner: The best way to build an integrated project plan
Today we’re launching a huge update to our Project Management and Budgeting workflows to help you create projects, budgets, and resource plans in one easy-to-use work plan tool.
How to read a Profit & Loss statement
The Profit & Loss statement is one of the fundamental financial forms of all businesses including architecture firms. This report takes a snapshot of the financial information for a set period of time, typically on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It is important for all firm owners and those considering starting their own firm to understand what this report is and how to read one.
Practice Operations
Types of Architecture Firms and Their Business Models
Designing how your architecture firm will practice is as important as delivering great work for your clients. In this guide to types of architecture firms, we'll consider what sort of business model you might pursue - whether it's based on efficiency, experience, or expertise - so you can better manage and market your services to the ideal clients.
Black Lives Matter
Monograph stands in solidarity with the Black Community against racism in all forms. We fundamentally believe in diversity as a company and are committed to a sustained effort supporting Black Lives Matter.
IT Management
Best Architecture Software
Having run a small architecture firm, Architect Lucas Gray has parsed through the seemingly endless software options and highlighted his recommendations for the programs small architecture firms should invest in as they focus on serving their clients, designing great architecture, and running a profitable business.
Practice Operations
Guide to Starting Your Own Architecture Firm
In order to start your own architecture firm, you will need to incorporate your business. This guide walks you through the various legal structures used by entrepreneurial architects and their tradeoffs including liability, taxation, and organization.
Guide to Social Media
Social media enables anyone in the world to connect with you and your firm's values and work at a relatively low cost. Whether it's leveraged as a way to lift brand awareness or as part of a strategic business development funnel, all architecture firms and their marketing teams should spend time critically experimenting with these powerful channels.
10 Marketing Concepts for Architecture Firms
In service of introducing new ideas into the field of architecture, we've compiled a list of 10 important marketing concepts to think through with your team and reorient your marketing initiatives from being passive to active. We've even included some bonuses!
Powerful Ways Top Architecture Firms Leverage their Website
How firms like Snøhetta and Morphosis use their websites successfully
Practice Operations
Setting Up a Remote Architecture Office
Remote working can save your architecture firm money and make your employees happier and more productive, but it can also be a pain to set-up right. Here’s how to do it.
Monograph's commitment to you
We’re announcing 1 month of payment relief for all customers. Monograph is committed to supporting the building industry during this difficult moment.
Guide to Recession Planning for Firms
Take control of your future and plan for the next cyclical downturn with our guide to recession planning.
Guide to Financial Management for Architecture Firms
Part of being a successful architect – a big part – is financial management. Managing your firm’s finances means managing a delicate balance between your expenses and your revenue.
Introducing Monograph: A better way to run an architecture firm
We’re excited to announce that we recently secured a $1.9 million round to continue to power the future of architectural professional services.
Practice Operations
Guide to Professional Liability Insurance
Professional liability insurance will be your saving grace when things go south with a client – or even when someone comes out of left field with a bogus claim. Protect yourself: learn why you need it, how to get it, and how to use it.
Branding Architecture's New Back-Office
Out with the old: how we're upgrading the AEC industry with a fresh, modern take on practice operations software.
Guide to Business Development for Architects
Learn how to start developing new business today.
Practice Operations
Guide to Architectural Fees
Valuing your time and the value you deliver to your clients is critical to running an equitable and successful practice. In this guide, we walk through the various ways you can set fees and expectations.
Guide to Architectural Proposals
Win More Work: Write Great Proposals.
Practice Operations
Guide to Project Delivery Methods
A breakdown of the most common ways to deliver projects successfully.
Practice Operations
Guide to Architectural Services
Beyond the basics, architects provide many types of services to support building projects.
Practice Operations
Guide to Architectural Contracts
Start protecting your business from unnecessary litigation and the associated stress by creating an airtight contract
Practice Operations
Guide to Invoicing for Architects
How to manage your cashflow to run a successful, profitable architecture firm.
Guide to Earned Value Management for Architects
Earned Value Management is a useful financial technique to keep control of your project's budget and schedule.
Practice Operations
Guide to Change Orders for Architects
Changes during architectural projects are often inevitable. Efficiently manage those changes by becoming a master at change orders.
Practice Operations
Guide to Architectural Design Phases
This is a guide to architectural design phases. Learn how to run your project smoothly with these 6 simple steps.
Architect's Guide to SEO
SEO basics and best practices
Practice Operations
An Architect's Guide to Project Management
This guide will walk you through how architectural project managers integrate design and management skills in order to deliver thoughtful solutions that are on time and on budget.
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